A crappily structured love poem – Happy Anniversary my love [POEM]

My mind only sees your colours.
Only your smells passing through
The echoing corridors until
They merge together into your touch,
Your sounds, your taste.

Muted purples and browns swirl
Like cinnamon and sandalwood
Smoke, while stars blink out
In a crystal, iced blue that seems
Far too warm to be mortal.

Rich coffee laced with thick
Chocolate, canvas to be painted
On, raw silk and comfort.
You are my room of safety and
Joy, of silent happiness.

Everything I could need, in the
Richest fabrics. You are not
A flash, you are not gold, but
You do not need to be. You are
Pure quality, not shine.

You are my fireplace on cold,
Rainy days, in a messy room full
Of cushions and memories.
I will live in you forever. I was
Yours since I fell into your eyes.

[POEM] Loneliness

Silent drives with you under dark silk skies
Mean more to me than all of their lies.
Peace might not shine as hard as love after
Quarrel, but I melt into joy at your laughter.
I wouldn’t trade our silent moments together
For the loud loneliness of past lived forever.
For the taste of bitter excitement and longing
Instead of the soft buttery warmth thronging
In my heart for you. For always. For better, and always best.

[POEM] Ramblings inspired by Anthony Anaxagorou

Inspired by Anthony Anaxagorou

Can we spell love with the taste of another’s skin
Against our fingers. Brushing over a carapace to inspect
Each lingering line and hardness that has been shaped
Across lifelines. Lovers cross palms with tarnished silver,
Hoping to find fortunes hidden in a stranger’s gaze,
In someone else’s hopes and dreams,
By being someone else’s hopes and dreams,
Reflected back into themselves. The end of each path
Breeds nothing but disenchantment. Disappointment.
If you walk a new path harder, perhaps you will find
The treasure, behind the wrapping paper of someone’s flesh.
What care is given to the discarded shell, of hopes that are not out own,
Once the cold shiny gem of promise is revealed.
A promise of another day basking in the torn love of another,
A promise of another day balming over the pain of purpose.
But as your fingers touched my skin, I felt no searching.
Your nails did not dig or pluck into cracks, but smoothed them
Over without hiding the truth of their incessant pain.
Bring near your soft words, hushing over the screams of
The world, demanding, while the soft breath from your lips
Gently offers peace and simplicity. I wear my cracks
Like chains of gold across my pallid form, you drip them with
Tear drops of melted diamonds, hold my hands in yours as if
You might lose me should you let go. I find my resonance within,
Our souls shaking to the same rhythm, fervent atoms
Creating a new wave of chemistry to drown out the stars.
My body may not offer a deep soil where you can take root,
But you demand nothing from me. Not to take seed within
My softest parts, or grow your hopes out of the brokenĀ  lines
Of my loss. Instead, you compare your own hard cracks
To mine, slowly. Over time I know you like an atlas.
This map holds the beauty of home, and I know
I shall walk its lands until the day that I lay down and die.
Lost in your lands. Tending them. Caring for them.
Hoping to one day be buried here, so that I may never leave
This place of unexpected wonders, even in death.
I will haunt you with love, my sweetest one. I hope you
Will keep the demons of my past within you, and they will
Guard your happiness with their unholy lives.


[POEM] Eternally yours

Crush. Debilitating
Rush of blood
To the head, throbbing
Until the world starts to
Heady. Suddenly
Unsteady and
Tumbling, unevenly
Because though I’m not
Infecting. Slicing,
Dissecting me from
My bones. You’re enticing
Me for more. My heart is
Pain. Your love
Strain is asked
For, begged for. Shove
The hurt into me without
Sunk. Prepared
Drunk that I am,
Addicted and bared
Onto you, never stop
This perfect and never ending pain.

[POEM] Blue Milk

It’s odd that one might have a vision of what might be,
When looking into the unknowing beyond.
To think that I had once expected your shape, your taste
And your glances long before I had met you.
I constructed a vessel that would hold my love to be,
Never once had my idiocy truly dawned
Upon me. I simply kept looking for this image with haste.
Convinced every second that my vision was true.

You were a glass of shapes unprecedented. Not just that,
But as I poured, expecting white, pristine milk,
You came out blue. Not unpleasant, not wrong, just
Different. Blue milk from an alien world.
Mild urges to run had to be suppressed, my mind spat
In anger as it struggled to determine your ilk.
You were not the vessel, you were not the want. Lust,
Need and truth was born, and finally unfurled.

Sipping blue milk, I found it not unpleasant.
Sipping blue milk, I found myself hesitant.
Sipping blue milk, and I was in another time.
I knew then, that we had been attached from birth with twine.
Softly floating towards each other, blindly.
You encompassed every single need totally.
You were unlike anything I had ever seen, imagined.

And that was when our love began.

[POEM] You, and you, and you.

You are such a drug. Just you.
Simply the outline and voice and scent of you.
I put my finger on it, and it dissolves into
The mystery that is you.

My heart is such a pit. Dark.
Tumbled into an unending intoxicating spark.
I tremble against it, but I melt into
This love, true and stark.

I could cling to you forever,
And happily feel the ache in my knuckles. Ever
Wishing this sweetest pain into
Me deeper. Leave me, never.

You are brighter than the sun,
Searing into my vision until eyes, closed, run
With tears that melt and twist into
Sight of you. My seeing done.

My galaxy, my swirling eternity,
Never leave me, my coloured universe in entirety.
I pray myself over and over into
Your arms, my precious deity.

[Poem] In so many words

I love you, in so many uncomplicated words
That trail through my mind, flickering and
Indistinct like stars amid an ink sky full of
Spent wonder. Eyes could never truly capture
This beauty, and my soul can only just
Manage to form words that might confess
The wonder of what you truly are.
I bleed all the world’s colours from my chest.
Hollow with wanting and full of love,
Always undulating with joy, loss, sorrow.
Unbearable mirth, continuous warmth
And turmoil of every shade from the milky way.
Each hue feels full and lush. I would be
Nothing without them. Breath pointless.
Words meaningless. Twinkling skies just
Eons of endless, cold wonder that I would
Not want to face. But with you by my side,
Among my tide of pouring colours tumbling
From my emptied chest, I face it bravely.
I face eternity, knowing that just for a
Speck of it, I am yours and you are mine.

And in that knowledge I can breathe.
I am no longer choked by fear.
I feel fear. I feel trepidation.
But I also feel you. The most precious sensation my soul has ever known.


I love him. So much so that sometimes it turns into pain.

There are times when we’re not perfect, but never are we ever fully broken apart. I don’t think we ever could be.

Undramatic, unconditional love that just -is-. It’s so silent and simple. Even when depression built a wall between us and tore me down, he still stood waiting patiently, accepting me for who I am.

I will forever count myself lucky to have experience love, respect and kindness from this man. Lucky to finally see what love should look like.

My anxiety gives me the deepest terror, it tells me I might lose him. Because I once came so close to that. I would change my entire life if I had to, and to be honest I really did make so many changes, just to make sure I could make him happy.

And he was patient, he made his own changes, we both moved forward together. We did everything we could and compromised, so we could keep the promise of love and happiness together.

I miss him always. He is mine as much as my body is mine.

I love you

And though we are only away from each other for a few days, I feel the distance already tearing at my chest.

As if the miles push the pain of your absence deeper into my soul, with their hefty weight.

I will return to you soon. Know that I am missing you with each minute, in beautiful pain for your love.