[POEM] In the simplest ways

I love you.
In the simplest ways.

The way a cat loves to bask in the sun,
And lather itself in bright joy.

The way coffee smells, that is how
I love you, sweet one.

The way my warmest jumper feels slid
Over my naked skin.

The way I curl into comfort is the way
I pour my love into you.

The way a smile talks, its taste on lips,
So ready to emit shine.

The way I hide from the world, it lends
Me to love you deeper.

I love you. Oh in the simplest of ways.
And I will keep loving you, as I find my
Safe spaces within you when my soul quails
From the darkness that hails from sky
And earth, relentless and cruel and nothing
Like your warmth. So soft, and noting
Each of my intricacies intimately. Perfectly.

I love you in the simplest of ways.

And I will simply keep on loving you.

You are wonder

I love you, my flickering star, so full of doubt that you let the universe dictate your shine.
So fresh & new despite your dusted age.
Twinkle on uncertainly, & I will watch.
I will watch, & wait for the star clash of brilliance you will one day become.
With warmth, and without hesitation, you will out shine all that surrounded you, bringing your sunlight without hesitation, realizing that you are not the judgement of the world around you, but that you are the world.

You are not the criticisms in your mind, you are more than the sum of your doubts.

You are Light and Wonder incarnate. You are life giving sunshine. You are my gravity, to which I cling to gladly.

You are my sunshine.


Air bubbles

They can tell the drowned are gone
When the air bubbles stop.
When once life brimmed and shone
Behind wide glassy orbs,
Now there is none.

But drowning in air is a scary thought
That I stare at every day.
I sit, a doll placed here, only bought
And not cared for by my

No one can see that my breath stopped
A long, long time ago.
By day I sit, my hopes dropped
Away, leaving this grey
Slice of dread.

They can tell the drowned are gone
When the air bubbles stop.
But no one saw me while I shone
And all a sudden lost
My glow.

No, no one is seeing as they watch me
Struggle and fit to fill my lungs.
“But how could she be
Drowning. Air surrounds her.
Just breathe.”

They could not tell that I had drowned
Deep beneath their shallow
Depths. I slowly exited, bowed
Out of the fight

They can tell the drowned are gone
When the air bubbles stop.